Find a 24 Hour Dentist of Laredo TX

September 16, 2023 By Charles Anderson
Find a 24 Hour Dentist of Laredo TX

Having access to urgent dental care is important. Dental emergencies are often painful and can lead to serious complications. If you lose a tooth, for example, it is essential to seek immediate treatment as the loss of a tooth can have long-term consequences. Fortunately, you can find a clinic in Laredo, TX that provides emergency dental services.

Emergency Dental Care

When an unexpected dental problem occurs, we understand that waiting several days for an appointment is not an option. Our dentists are committed to helping patients manage sudden injuries and complications that require immediate treatment. This can provide palliative relief and prevent serious complications, such as a tooth infection.

Our office is only 4 blocks from the Laredo International Railway Bridge 2. This allows our dentist to care for patients who are traveling from both sides of the border. Our clinic is also located near several well-established and affordable hotels, allowing patients to enjoy a comfortable stay after their dental visit.

Dr. Dick B Davenport is a highly-experienced 24 Hour Dentist of Laredo TX who makes you feel prioritized and valued throughout your dental journey. He is passionate about patient education and strives to ensure that all patients leave our practice with the confidence to manage their own dental health at home. He has been practicing dentistry for more than thirty-five years and is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston.

Same Day Dental Appointments

Dr. Ben Kim, a native San Antonian, understands that most dental emergencies happen outside of a Monday-Friday 9-5 work schedule. As a result, he opened Weekend Dentistry and Dental Emergency Care in order to provide patients with access to direct, personalized dental care seven days a week after hours.

His years of experience mean that he can provide comprehensive and affordable care for all dental emergencies. He makes it a point to prioritize each patient and make them feel valued throughout their dental journey. He is dedicated to ensuring that his patients understand the procedures and costs associated with their treatment.

He is known as a compassionate, caring and fun dentist for kids. He is dedicated to making sure that your child has a positive experience at the 24 Hour Dentist of Laredo TX and doesn’t grow up dreading their trips to the office. He offers a wide range of state-of-the-art pediatric dental services that can help your child enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for life.

Emergency Dentist in Laredo TX

Located along the Rio Grande border, Laredo is one of the largest ports of entry into the United States. The city has a growing population steeped in Mexican culture and offers a lower cost of living than the national average. It also has a good job market, making it an ideal place to start a dental assistant career.

The children’s dentist in Laredo TX is an experienced pediatric dentist who specializes in treating children with dental issues. His office is designed to make the experience fun and less stressful, so your child will look forward to visiting the dentist.

A dentist salary in Laredo TX can vary depending on education and years of experience. However, a general dentist can earn up to $191,712 per year with the average base salary of $152,591. The annual incentives can range from $55 to $90 per hour. The benefits package includes medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as a 401k match.

Family Dentist in Laredo TX

As a parent, you want the best for your child – a good education, excellent health and a happy life. You also want your son or daughter to have a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. That’s why it’s important to find a pediatric dentist in Laredo TX that your child will love! Doc Esparza has a reputation for making dental care fun for kids and teens, so they don’t dread their next visit to the dentist.